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Jacob Manchego was a sweet little boy who attended our childcare facility. He passed away on February 28th, 2017 when he was accidentally forgotten in a car on a hot day. He had a remarkable laugh, he was full of energy, and he loved to give hugs. With a beautiful smile, he was always willing to help. He greeted every parent at the classroom door. He was two years old. "To know" He is in the arms of Jesus is the only way to write these words; the pain and confusion is simply not explainable at this time and may never be. For reasons unknown at this time his sister made a tragic mistake. We feel confident in this statement as an intentional act of cruelty would not be within her means.

We would like to utilize Jacob's death as a voice to raise awareness so that, prayerfully, this never happens again. 
Lets make Jacob proud and remember him and celebrate him and the many others who lost their lives in this manner!

Colossians 3:23, Philippians  4:13.....In His Name, we can get through this together.​

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