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 Best Friends for Kidz

Learning Laboratory

Our Philosophy
We view children as unique and interesting individuals and have respect for who they are now, as well as for their potential. Children are encouraged to wonder, explore, and make new relationships. We provoke ideas and offer preschoolers a multi-aged environment with many opportunities for learning.

Our Enrichments

The Learning Lab Offers...

Our Mission

Our goal is to foster an environment that promotes an attitude of life-long learning while nurturing each child's self-confidence and sense of wonder.

Summer Camp
Sign Language Enrichment
Spanish Enrichment
Praise and Worship
Barn Yard Ministry - Music Mondays
Tumbling Tuesdays
Bible Study with Granny on Wednesday
Think Health and Safety Thursday
Natures Path Way - field trip Friday
Gardening Clubs
Technology & Tablets
Dance Quest
Physical fitness activities
Full time / Part time
Wee Christian Curriculum
School Readiness Provider
Kindergarten Preparation